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New in 2013: "Alle an einem Tisch – Das große Familienkochbuch"
Alexander Fankhauser, Kati Bellowitsch, Christian Matthai (German)
Published by Brandstätter, ISBN 978-3-85033-740-3, available in bookstores.
224 pages, approx. 120 illustrations

Simple, quick and delicious dishes, popular with children and parents alike. Plus practical tips and helpful recommendations for making healthy and tasty meals part of everyday family life.

Alexander Fankhauser, himself the father of two children, offers a wide range of recipes and ideas for tasty and healthy nutrition, all easy for busy working parents to cook. Doctor and nutritional expert Christian Matthai contributes his expertise on food, and radio presenter Kati Bellowitsch examines the subject of children and food from the perspective of a working mother.

The result is a practical cookery book for everyday use, encouraging families to cook together. From balanced breakfasts to 15-minute recipes, and with creative ideas for celebrating outdoors.
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